Thursday, March 18, 2010

BOKB - the battle rages on

Each day is a surprise in the contest that is "The Battle of the Kid's Books".  (No more annoying parentheses, except my own!)

The edgy collaboration of graphics and supernatural romance that is Lips Touch: three times by Laini Taylor was unseated by a dense and involving fantasy by Frances Hardinge, The Lost ConspiracyThe judge for this round, Helen Frost, writes a very original explanation of her choice on the BOKB website today.  Read it.  It will make you want to read BOTH books as quickly as ever you can.  Christina Rossetti makes an extended appearance is Frost's apologia, making Frost's explanation even more enjoyable.  (I have wanted to use the word "apologia" all week!)

I am actually glad that my prediction was wrong, yesterday.  On to the next round!

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