Saturday, March 20, 2010

April - Fly a Poem!

April is National Poetry Month!  It is also National Kite Month!  So visit the Parkland Community Library during April and place a poem in the Poem Box.  The Youth Services Staff will put that poem on a kite and fly it from the ceiling in the Children's area.  Fly a Poem in April!

The poem can be a favorite poem written by someone else, or an original poem written by the person submitting the poem.  But the poet's name must be clearly and truthfully written on each poem.

Visit to sign up for a Poem-a-Day and to read poems by great American poets, present and past.

The Family Education site lists ideas for ways to involve families in poetry fun.  This site has corporate sponsors so expect some advertisements.

Gomber Kites has interesting links on its National Kite Month page.  Click on Five People Who Flew read how kites have aided with scientific research.  Further down the page are instructions on running kite workshops with some easy-to-make kite plans.

Get ready for April.  Find books on kites - and poetry - at the Parkland Community Library.

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