Saturday, July 25, 2009

Local Teen Author

Katelyn Sheinberg, A Parkland High School student who writes under the name of Katelyn Emily, presented a copy of her first book, The Treasure Trove Tales : at the Gazebo to the Parkland Community Library a month or two ago. So, since I hope Katelyn will do a booksigning at the Library before school starts, I brought the book home to read. Here is my review.

The five Avery children find themselves orphaned after a fire destroys their home and kills their parents. Luckily, their grandparents are willing and able to take the children in but as middle child, Julia, explains their lives are bleak and barren. They have no photographs, no mementos, and for several days, not even any clothes except what is on their backs.

Then, Danielle, whose relationship with her parents was deeper than that with her siblings, goes missing and the four other Avery children go on a desperate search for her. When they find her, they also find a link to some of the best memories they have of their times with their parents.

This a lovely book about the importance of preserving memories in the face of loss. There is an element of mystery as well as the Avery children try to find a missing memento that should have survived the fire.

The book is best for readers 9 and up and will appeal to thoughtful readers of all ages.

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