Sunday, July 19, 2009

10 book reviews in 12 days - yeah right!

Here is book review 8: waaay overdue.

Dying to meet you : 43 Old Cemetry Road, book one by Kate Klise, with illustrations by Sarah Klise.
The story is told in a series of letters and journal entries. A washed-up children's author rents a mansion without reading the lease's small print and finds himself saddled with the care of an 11-year-old boy -(the author abhors children!) -and sharing the home with a ghost. Suspend your disbelief that parents could actually get away with this kind of behavior so that you can enjoy a story that is funny and satisfying. The parents get their come-uppance in the end. Hooray! Great for good readers in grades 3 through 6 - fun for older people, too

Book Review 9:
The red blazer girls : the ring of Rocamadour by Michael D. Beil. The academy that 7th graders, Sophie, Rebecca, Leigh Ann and Margaret go to abuts the home of an elderly woman who is trying to find a treasure left by her father. The mystery is well constructed but some of the subplots go astray. Still, there is something appealing about mysteries solved by school kids and these girls are fun and fairly realistic. For grades 4 through 8.

Book Review 10:
Same, same by Marthe Jocelyn with illustrations by Tom Slaughter.
This concept book for little ones groups things and animals together in pairs by similarities - things that fly, things that are round, things that go, etc. Great for toddlers!

And since I'm pretty sure I reviewed The red blazer girls on this blog before I will add another book review.
Wink : the ninja who wanted to be noticed by J. C. Phillipps.
Wink is an EXCELLENT ninja, able to scale walls and slip through narrow openings and do all kinds of amazing feats but he really wants to be seen and, as we all know, that is NOT what ninjas are supposed to do. Read this picture book to find out how Wink is able to use his ninja skills and get the appreciation he desires. For children ages 3 and up.

No more promises! I will try hard to review new books every week. Check back.

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