Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 book reviews in 12 days Part 4

Today's review: Carrie's War by Nina Bawden.
Carrie and her brother, Nick, are sent to the countryside during the bombing of London in WWII. They meet a weird old woman, Hepzibah Green, her ward, Johnny Gotobed, and another evacuee, Albert Sandwich, and form a makeshift family.
Right before Carrie goes home, she does something rash and, soon after, catastrophe falls on the people that stay behind. Carrie grows up positive that she was the cause of the misfortune of her friends.
When she has children of her own, Carrie brings them back to the country village and her children manage to unravel what actually happened so many years before.
Bawden helps the readers see events through her character's eyes. Bawden takes simple misunderstandings, people's fears and hopes and turns all this into adventures.
This book was turned into a BBC movie in 2004 and was a stage play on London's West End.
Carrie's War wll be enjoyed by good readers entering grades 4 and up. Adults will enjoy this slice of history, too.

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