Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 book reports in 12 days Part 7

I failed. Sigh. I allowed myself to be distracted by other things like computer malfunctions and Storytelling Workshops. Forgive me, oh faithful reader(s). I did not write 10 book reviews in 12 days. So now I am aiming for three book reviews in the next two days.

Okay, I just finished Ally Carter's book Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover, the third entry in the Gallagher Girl series. It involves presidential conventions, kidnap attempts, covert operations, boy-girl stuff, hot teachers, family complications, and of course, spy jargon and spy tech thingies.
Better than the second book, this is not as light-hearted as the first book in the series. Carter makes the adrenaline rush of operations, successfully avoiding capture, and the need to find answers irresistible, while highlighting the terrible price that is paid for living the life of a spy. This is a PG book because of the violence. The romance is actually romance lite. Fans of the series will snap this up. The series is for middle and high school students.

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