Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daniel Pinkwater - Author of the day!

Imagine a girl with cat's whiskers, or Fat Men from Space, or lizards playing electric guitars.  Imagine a turtle that is the Universe, or a librarian that travels by dog sled, or polar bears who are B-A-A-D.

Daniel Pinkwater has already imagined those things.  Read about the cat-whiskered girl by visiting his website, http://www.pinkwater.com/.  While you are there, look at his impressive list of published works and listen to his podcasts.

Pinkwater has been a pudding spokesperson, a dog trainer, a radio commentator and a host of other things but what he excels at is writing books that are long on humor and wild suppositions.  His audience spans all ages from the picture book crowd to adults who enjoy his comments on NPR.

Pinkwater's books are not the about the kid next door.  Well, the books might be about that kid, but the kid next door gets radio transmissions from aliens on his teeth, or has a family that relocates to Los Angeles just to eat in the Brown Derby restaurant, or has adventures with giant chickens in Hoboken, NJ. 

The picture book crowd will enjoy Bad Bear Detectives, about two polar bears who solve a mystery.  Slightly older readers can read I Was a Second-Grade WerewolfFrom there, readers can go to Fat Men from Space or Lizard Music or the more recent Neddiad  and Yggyssey.

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