Saturday, January 30, 2010

Author #10 - Jim Arnosky

Jim Arnosky is an author/illustrator who concentrates on wildlife and acquainting children and parents with the animals who share the world with us.  His alterego - or avatar - is a whiskered fellow in buckskin named Crinkleroot. Among Crinkleroot's many adventures, he guides readers through the season's in Crinkleroot's Almanac and searches for his pet snake in Crinkleroot' visit to Crinkle Cove.  

Arnosky's artwork is lifelike with a soft touch.  Although his animal's are authentic and realistic, Arnosky adds expressiveness to his creatures and humor to the events he chronicles.  Some of his books are scientific treatments to introduce young readers to animals in their habitats.  Others are picture books that give a snapshot of the lives of rabbits or armadillos or deer or black bears.  Occasionally, Arnosky tells a story from his own life, as in Big Jim and the White-legged Moosea song about Arnosky's run in with a moose.

Arnosky has written guides for older children and adults to photographing wildlife and freshwater fishing and guides to field trips near the ocean, in the mountains and through swamps.  His paintings are the next best thing to seeing the animals in person.  Look for his books in the next time you stop by the library.

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