Sunday, January 31, 2010

Author #12 - Dick King-Smith

He writes about animals - sheep herding pigs and musical mice.  And he writes about children.  Dick King-Smith's books are full of what he likes to call "farmyard fantasy".

A farmer for twenty years, King-Smith knows a lot about the animals who have made him most famous - pigs.  Babe,the Gallant Pig was turned into a very popular movie.  His picture book, All Pigs are Beautiful, illustrated by Anita Jeram, expresses King-Smith's affection for swine.

King-Smith doesn't restrict himself to writing about farm animals.  He has written about singing mice, (A Mouse Called Wolf), very intelligent guinea pigs, (Jenius ; the Amazing Guinea Pig), and a boy whose uncles leaves him a madly entertaining parrot, (Harry's Mad).

King-Smith's books are appealing to children in grades 3 and up.  Younger children will enjoy listening to the books, too.

Here are a few interesting facts about Dick King-Smith.  His first name is not Dick, nor is it Richard.  His name is Ronald Gordon King-Smith.  He has written 100 books for children.  And in the New Year's Honours of 2010, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.  That's SIR Dick King-Smith, to us all. 

This completes my 12 authors in 31 days challenge and I did not even mention some of my all time favorites; authors such as Elizabeth Enright, or E. Nesbit or A. A. Milne.  I decided not to profile my favorite American author, Lloyd Alexander, or even Susan Cooper OR Suzanne Collins!  Nor did I mention David Adler or Bruce Hale or Eva Ibbotson - how could I neglect Eva Ibbotson?  Or Patricia Wrede or Jill Paton Walsh or Ann Rinaldi or.... Stephen Krensky!!!???  I am just getting started. There are wonderful books on the shelves of the Parkland Community Library - or any public library.  Just borrow one or two- or ten - until you find YOUR favorites.  Let me know who you like best, please.

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  1. Suzanne Collins, Stephenie Meyer, Kristin Cashore