Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More gift ideas

I love books but I also love libraries.  So, when it comes to suggesting books as gifts, I prefer books most people won't find on library shelves.  Books that have pages that flip or move, books that invite readers to scribble inside or tear pages out - these make excellent gifts for children and teens. 

Other types of books I enjoy to give - and receive - are books that give instructions, like cookbooks or craft books or how-to books. 

Here are some activity/recipe/instruction books for children and teens.
Make Art Mistakes : a creativity sketchbook   978-811870764  Chronicle $16.99
This book includes graphic scenes that the reader can add words and drawings to.  All ages. 

Papertoy Monsters by Brian Castelforte  9780761158820 Workman $16.95 Offers cardboard punch-out models to build and inspiration for more.  Ages 9 - up

This book made me do it: cool things to make do and explore by John Woodward  97810756668815  DK  $19.99.  Instructions for landing a plane, knitting, staging a ghost hunt, treating hypothermia and baking a chocolate cake are just a few of the instructions in this book that I have decided is going to each of my 10 year old nephews!  Ages 10 - up.

Do Something : Change the world!  a handbook for activists.  Workman 13.95  97807661157472  This handbook helps youngsters analyze problems they hope to solve and gives the steps needed to organize, understand and work toward change.  Ages 9 - 12 

Wind Power : 20 projects to make with paper by Clive Dobson.  Firefly, $24.95  9781554076598  Instructions about wind powered models abound with a discussion of the uses and problems of wind power.  Pretty technical and a lot of reading is involved.  Still the models look fascinating.  Ages 10 and up.

My list of favorites of 2010 will be posted on Friday!  Keep reading.


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