Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stories on CD

The online survey never happened.  I apologize.  It WILL happen soon. So keep an eye on this space.

Has anyone noticed how busy the highways are?  Commuting on Rte. 22 takes longer and longer as the holidays approach.  I have found a way to "shorten" the drive.  I listen to stories on CD.  Books on CD take forever to finish and I find myself sitting in the car waiting for a chapter to finish.  BUT stories are finished in 5 or 12 minutes and make the slow traffic on the road bearable.

Look for CDs by Bill Harley, Donald Davis, Willy Claflin, Odds Bodkin, the Lehigh Valley's own Chaz Kiernan and his daughter, Emily. (They each have their own CDs.)  Dovie Thomason shares Native American tales in her Cds.  Heather Forest is a renowned teller and teacher. 

Most of these CDs can be found in the Children's CD collection.  Check one out today.

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