Thursday, November 4, 2010

First PCL Youth Book Awards

Dear Blog Friends,
A lot of wonderful books for children and teens are printed every single year. This year seemed like a banner year, especially for teens and preschoolers.  SOOOO  let me know which books were your favorites this year.  What books caught your attention, made you think, made you want more, more, more?

Next Wednesday, Nov. 10th, check this blog for an online survey.  The survey will ask for your favorite book in several categories.  No matter when the book was published, if you read it this year, and it made an impression on you, type the title in.  When that survey ends, the top five books in each category will be published online and you can vote on your favorites in another online survey.

Paper ballots will be in the library as well.  By December 20th the surveys will be complete and winners will be announced.

Please take part in this fun event.  Anyone who takes either survey will be entered in a random drawing for prizes!

Start thinking about the best books for children or teens that you read this year.  And watch the nomination process begin.

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