Friday, September 17, 2010

Storytime sign-ups and crickets

Storytime sign-ups started an hour ago.  Wednesday Family Storytime is almost filled so call in soon if that is the storytime of your choice.  There is room in Thursday Family Storytime and both Preschool Storytimes.   Click here to see the storytime schedule.

With today's busy family schedules, committing to a storytime slot can be difficult.  Parents and caregivers can try Drop-in Storytimes on Friday mornings at 10:30 am.  No registration is required for Drop-in storytime and there is no upper or lower age limit.

All storytimes at the Parkland Community Library start the week of October 4th.

The celebration continues for The Cricket in Times Square's 50th anniversary.  Here are a couple of websites about the book and about crickets in general.

This excellent teacher's site offers comprehension questions, craft ideas and activities.  Check out the great clothepin cricket featured on this site.

Nancy Polette put together a literature exploration site with links to Amateur Entomologists' site and activities for class and group discussion.

Random House has a great site for the book as well.

To learn more about these noisy and sometimes hungry insects, check out BioKIDS site on crickets.

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