Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall fun!

Today's rain makes the world feel like Fall has finally come.  Crunchy Fall leaves, acorns, squirrels, pumpkins on porches, windows full of light because of early evenings, sweaters, and anticipation!!! - Fall brings all of these.
Here are some great books for Fall afternoons and evenings:
Picture Books:
Applesauce season by Eden Ross Lipson.  A city family gets together to make applesauce.

Fletcher and the falling leaves by Julia Rawlinson.  When a young fox's favorite tree begins to lose its leaves, her worries that the tree is sick.

The little yellow leaf by Carin Berger.  A little leaf doesn't want to let go, until it finds a friend to fall with.

Thanking the moon : celebrating the Mid-autumn Moon Festival by Grace Lin.  Each member of a Chinese family contributes to the celebration.  The author includes notes about this Fall festival.

When the frost is on the punkin by James Whitcomb Riley.  Celebrate the season with this classic American poem.

Autumn across America by Seymour Simon.   The book travels across America and describes the signs of autumn, such as bird migrations, falling leaves and changes in the weather.

Autumnblings : poems and paintings by Douglas Florian.  Florian's paintings and poems describe the change from summer to fall.

Crinkleroot's  guide to knowing the trees by Jim Arnosky.  A guide to trees with illustrations of bark and leaves and the ways animals use trees for shelter and food.

Leaves by Ruth Thomson.  A very simple introduction to leaves and trees.

The brilliant fall of Gianna Z by Kate Messner.   Gianna is more interested in running than in completing her homework, which is to collect autumn leaves.  Then her failing schoolwork threatens to put an end to her participation in track events.

Coyote autumn by Bill Wallace.  After moving to the country, a thirteen year old boy adopts a coyote pup.

Henry and Mudge under the yellow moon by Cynthia Rylant. Henry and his huge dog, Mudge, have adventures in the Fall.

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