Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mrs. Chaply and I brought back a backpack full of new paperbacks from Book Expo on Friday. Most of these books will be given out as prizes for the "Be Creative @ Your Library" Summer Reading Club. I even got a signed copy of Mo Willems' new Elephant and Piggy book. I MET MO WILLEMS!!

I also got an Advance Reader's Copy of the second book in Suzanne Collins' series, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. I have already read it and it is as good as The Hunger Games. The series is for older readers, teens and adults. Check out The Hunger Games, soon. I want to thank Dayne E. for talking me into reading the first book.

Today, I was helping someone pick out books to read to a class and I stumbled across Allan Ahlberg's book, The Pencil. The story is simple and silly but not simplistic. (I love alliteration!)
The Pencil draws a family with pets but when the pencil draws food, no one will eat it. It's in BLACK AND WHITE. So the pencil draws a paintbrush who adds color to everything. When people complain about their appearance, the pencil draws an eraser and the eraser goes CRAZY!
This clever book is a great way to start a "Creative" summer.

Don't forget. Register for the "Be Creative @ Your Library" Summer Reading Club form the comfort of your desk chair, beginning June 8th. Look for the "Be Creative" graphic in the upper right hand corner of the Parkland Community Library website. You must be between the ages of 2 (or parent of said 2 year old) and 17 to join AND you must have a current Parkland Community Library card.

Registering for individual programs and workshops can only be done by coming into the Parkland Community Library. Attendance is limited at the workshops. Registration begins on Monday, June 8th, for those events.

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