Friday, March 18, 2011

Battle and Bad Kitty

 Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty has turned into a mini-dynasty.  What began with a short and hilarious picture book has turned into a continuing series - two picture books and three, soon to be four, longer books.  Bad Kitty is ba-a-a-ad with a capital B and Bruel's illustrations are bright, colorful, clever and chaotic.  Check out Bad Kitty's website for more information on the books, Nick Bruel and for games, too

Back to the Battle!  This morning's contest was between The Odyssey by Gareth Hinds and One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams- Garcia.  Newbery award-winning author Karen Hesse was the judge.

Alas, I have read neither of these books.  I skimmed through One Crazy Summer because Williams-Garcia is an author I truly admire and her books are well written and heartfelt.  And The Odyssey has not been on the shelf since the library bought it.  I am a library girl.  Don't do book stores so much.

Hesse does a very thorough job of explaining her choice.   The Odyssey is the winner!

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