Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pirate Name Generator

Last night, the Pirate's HO! party was a big success.  The Pirate Name generator worked out very well.  There are Pirate Name Generators online, like the one at  What my First Mate and I had to do was come up with a way to let young pirates-in-training make their own pirate names that was fast and low tech.

The first step was to come up with likely pirate adjectives and nicknames.  Then we had to find a "formula" for creating a new name.  After playing with ideas like assigning number values to the letters in each person's name and letting children choose the combined amount of the subset of the.....,(WAY too difficult), we took our clue from the Shakespearean Insult page .  We separated the adjectives and nicknames into three piles.  Pirates chose a word from each pile and, voila! a piratical name.

Now here is where the First Mate earns her position as irreplaceable.  She printed each word on a label and the children had instant pirate nametags.

Some names were excellent like "Seven Ocean Kid".  Others were silly, "Silver One-Eye Crow's-Nest".

And what name did I get?  Well, ye be reading the scribblings of one Cap'n Hangin' Ugly, ye be! ARRRRGH! 

And as our pirates sail off into the sunset, Summer Reading Club comes to a close.  Thanks for another great summer.  Stop by the Parkland Community Library to pick up some books about getting ready for school.  Or, choose books just for fun - my favorite kind!

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