Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Title Games

At the teen program last Saturday, the teens played an improv game using book titles. First, the teens searched the YA Fiction and Fiction shelves for the oddest titles they could find. They wrote the titles down. Here are some examples; "Al Capone Does my Shirts", "Audrey, Wait", "Why I Let my Hair Grow Out".

Then, two teens volunteered to do an improvised scene based on a situation suggested by the other teens. Some of the suggestions were; a boss firing a worker, someone receiving the wrong change after a purchase and a patron arguing that they returned a library book.

Each of the actors were given two of the book titles to work into their improv scene somewhere. The results were pretty darn funny.

Make your own list of odd book titles. And play this game the next time you have a group of teens and pre-teens around.

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