Thursday, April 1, 2010

Semi-Finals Complete

WHOA!!  This blogger's predictions for the Finals have been blown out of the water.  In an earlier post, I was sure that Charles and Emma would best The Lost Conspiracy in yesterday's judging, and that Tales from Outer Suburbia would overcome its competitor (unknown at that writing) to move to the Final Round.  WRONG!!! 

Marching for Freedom, that moving account of children and teens who worked for Civil Rights before and during the March on Selma will vie against The Lost Conspiracy tomorrow.  Tales from Outer Suburbia will have to watch from the sidelines UNLESS...There is a third unknown title, voted for before this whole contest began, that will come back from the dead.  Any of the 14 titles that have been eliminated may return to oust the finalists.  Perhaps the final winner will be Charles and Emma or Fire or Tales from Outer Suburbia or, even The Frog Scientist.  And the decision lies with the renowned and respected author, Katherine Paterson.  The suspense is building.

Check out the entire contest and Walter Dean Myers decision making process for today's judging and check back tomorrow to see who reigns supreme.

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