Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun websites

Remember to bring your used children's books - in good condition, please -to donate to Literacy Outreach Belize. The Parkland Community Library will collect children's books for this charity throughout November. (New books are also appreciated!)

Here are some great websites I've run across. Some are book related, some are just for fun.

Historical Fiction for Independent Readers is a booklist put together by the people at Scholastic, Inc.
The folks at Scholastic also put together a booklist of Historical Fiction for Middle Schoolers. If your child is tired of fantasy and superheroes, get them interested in stories of bygone times.

Lehigh Valley Little Ones is a website dedicated to letting parents know about children's activities and resources in the Lehigh Valley. The Parkland Community Library will have a link on their website soon.

If you need a place where family members can share things, but don't feel ready for one of the larger social networking sites, take a look at Parents can create calendars, post pictures and do just about everything that other social networks can do. One nice feature is the list feature. Your entire family can access the gorcery list, for instance, when they discover that your family is running low on catsup. Membership is free. Check out the demos first. Famundo offers tutorials to make using the site that much easier.

This last site is Just For Fun! Create a Cookie is a Better Homes and Garden website. Expect some ads when you visit. Ice a cookie and share it with your friends!

These sites will be posted on the Parkland Community Library's Links for Kids website as soon as I can get them on there.

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