Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready for school

Are you ready to start school? Do you wonder what to expect this year? This post will lead you to some online resources for parents and students.

Family Education is a commercially supported site with lots of information, polls, worksheets and printables. Articles that explain what children will learn at each grade level can be helpful and reassuring. Different states have different requirements but these articles give a good feel for what to expect.

The United States Government has a site for parents about getting ready for school This is a typical government site, short on eye appeal but pretty hefty on substance.

Reading Is Fundamental wants all children to be competent and enthusiastic readers. Their site has games and other fun ways to keep reading interesting. The grade appropriate booklists are a big plus on this site.

Schoolfamily is a PTO affiliated site with games, quizzes, worksheets and advice for parents and children.

So, don't panic. You will be ready when the first school day comes around.

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