Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Reading Club Quiz

Time for a Summer Reading Club quiz. Do NOT scroll down to the answers until you try to answer the questions first.

1. What was this summer's theme?

2. What kind of animals visited the library twice a week for four weeks in July?

3. What was the Big Build?

4. How many children (rounded out to one zero) joined the Summer Reading Club?

5. How many programs in all - including the school programs - happened during the Summer Reading Club?

6. How many hours did Summer Reading Club members read this summer?

Okay. Here is a statistic that might interest you. A total of 1790 people attended programs at the Parkland Community Library and in the Parkland Elementary School libraries this summer.

Well, enough stalling. The answers to the questions are:

1. Be Creative @ Your Library was the 2009 Summer Reading Club theme.

2. Certified Therapy Dogs visited the library this summer. They'll be back in October and November.

3. The Big Build was a program where children and their parents got to build towers with boxes and a city out of pudding cups and the long paper chain that still hangs in the library. Well, the paper chain was started during the Big Build.

4. 785 children and teens signed up for the Summer Reading Club. So if you said either 780 or 790 you were right!

5. When the 14 Stories in the Schools programs are counted in, the Parkland Community Library planned and carried out 38 programs this summer. If we add in the 3 mysteries, that makes 41 programs. No wonder I'm so tired. ;)

6. Children and teens read 11, 570 hours. Most of you read in 15 minute time increments so that makes the total even more amazing.

What all of this means is that all the Parkland Community Library Summer Readers will be ready and raring for school next week - or this week for some of you!

Thanks again for a wonderful summer.

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